PE Mentoring Scheme
Whats involved?

Our PE Mentoring Scheme is a six week programme designed to up skill staff by giving them the confidence and knowledge to deliver a high quality PE lesson whilst working alongside our experienced coaches. Our scheme includes:

  • Five weeks worth of planning of your chosen topic. 

  • Opportunity to witness our coaching as well as team teaching.

  • Receive weekly feedback. 

  • 1 Year access to our scheme of work (lesson plans for one year group).

  • Online support to assist with any questions you may have. 

Our PE Mentoring Scheme is divided into six weeks:

Week 1

Afternoon CPD (13:00 - 15:30)

Observe: KS1 PE Lesson

Observe: KS2 PE Lesson

Week 4

Team-Teach: Deliver 50% of the lesson and observe 50%.

Feedback given.

Week 2

Team-Teach: Assist a PE lesson at your own school delivered by one of our experienced coaches.

Week 5

Team-Teach: Deliver 75% of the lesson and observe 25%.

Feedback given.

Week 3

Team-Teach: Deliver 25% of the lesson and observe 75%.

Feedback given.

Week 6

Teach: Deliver 100% of the lesson with the assistance of a coach.

Feedback given.

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