• Daniel Thackeray

What is Wallball and how does is benefit children?

What is Wallball?

Although you may not have heard of it, you have probably played it in one way or another! UK Wallball is the formalised version of handball.

Wallball, or 1- Wall or Handball - depending on where you are around the world, is a super fun and exciting sport! What makes Wallball so great? All you need is a ball and a wall and you can play! Of course we have official size courts and balls, but you can worry about that later!

Turning the concrete jungles into our very own playgrounds, New York has 2,500 courts that are in use all day every day and are completely free for anyone to go and play! That is the model we are trying to adapt here in the UK.

Street to Elite

Wallball is played globally and there are competitions all over the world. Here, we host the UK Open in London and in February 2020 (yes before the world started to crumble) we saw over 100 players from across 10 different countries! Don’t worry, Team GB managed to hold off stiff competition and our very own Luke Thomson, took the gold in the singles - making him European number 1!

How do we start this at grassroots? How can I play for team GB and travel the world playing sports? It all begins with a ball and a wall! Get a ball, find a wall and play! Check out YouTube for some videos! Just a year ago, December 2019, we had the first ever junior team GB, and we took 10 young people aged 14-16 to Holland to play and compete in the U17’s European Championships!


In schools, we are working hard to introduce this sport to every primary and secondary school in the UK! In London, we are one of the fastest growing sports due the accessibility of the game. We also partner with the incredible Jack Petchey Foundation, so if your school is a JP school, get in touch today! Fully funded setups available! https://ukwallball.co.uk/schools/

Wallball is perfect for keeping children active at break and lunchtimes. Works great as an addition to any multisport club, or even during P.E as its own sport! Being one of the only Bi-Lateral sports, it teaches you to use both hands and helps with hand-eye coordination!

Check out our website for all school packages and resources! We currently have the theory section of our Wallball Activator, online and FREE! By the end of the training you will have the tools to go and set up your own sessions. https://ukwallball.co.uk/coaching-home/become-a-coach/

Every week on all our social media channels (@ukwallball) we post challenges and show you the best of all the Wallball happening up and down the country!

See you on court!

Daniel Thackeray

UK Wallball Development Manager


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