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Activities to keep children active during half term.

As February half term approaches and lockdown still continues children are in need to stay physically healthy. Research by Sport England has shown that children taking part in physical activity for an hour or more dropped from 47% to 19% during the first lockdown.

As a result we have recreated a few old classic games to keep children actively engaged during the half term.

Active Snakes & Ladders:

  • Each player puts their counter on the space that says 'start'.

  • Take it in turns to roll the dice. ...

  • If your counter lands on a white square you must complete the activity shown.

  • If your counter lands at the bottom of a ladder, you can move up to the top of the ladder.

  • If your counter lands on the head of a snake, you must slide down to the bottom of the snake.

  • First player to reach the finish - wins! Ps. You must roll the correct number needed.

Active Naughts & Crosses:

  • Decide who is going to write "X"s and who will write "0"s.

  • Taking turns, each time your fill in a square you must complete the activity shown.

  • The first player to fill three squares in a row, either across, down or diagonally - wins!

Active Connect Four:

  • Take it in turns to colour in one of circles (starting at the bottom). Each time you colour in a circle you must complete the activity shown.

  • The first player to achieve a diagonal four in a row, wins the game. If the board fills up before either player achieves four in a row, then the game is a draw.

All games can be downloaded using the link below. If you have questions please get in touch at: info@activeeducation.school

Active Games
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