Our mission is to get all children active by providing teachers with the tools to create active, young minds.


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Our data dashboard is an information management tool that tracks and displays key performance indicators, saving you time. 


Access to a library of plans and interactive videos which will provide you with the tools to deliver an active, fun and challenging lesson. 


Design your own yearly overview, choosing from a wide range of activities using the drop down tool.


Set up electronic registers to track pupil attendance in extra curricular activities. You can also create reports allowing you to act.


Access assessment criteria for each activity area and create class profiles to monitor pupil progress throughout the year.


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Subject Leaders

Our scheme of work is developed for primary school teachers across all year groups. It provides a range of lesson plans which are designed to be inclusive whilst challenging all pupils. Each lesson plan is easy to follow and would facilitate a more creative approach when teaching physical education.

Lessons will provide pupils with fundamental skills which can be transferable across a variety of sports. Basic skills along with creativity and teamwork are all covered throughout the scheme alongside developing a sporting attitude. This should lead to    pupils leading a more healthy lifestyle.

Our online platform will save subject leaders valuable time. They can log in and access reports and assessments across the whole school as well accessing how many pupils participate in extra-curricular activities. Areas of weakness can also be addressed through CPD and resources.

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Lifetime Subscription

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All updates included

Lifetime Subscription

Plans for all years

Resource cards and videos

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Mr. M Evans
Miss. C Davies
Mr. S Leek

Our teachers have increased their confidence in delivering PE lessons and this is down to the easy to use lesson plans and resources.

Easy to track pupil progress with instant data at your finger tips.

The planning is easy to use and has made a massive impact when teaching PE lessons.

Frequently asked questions

Are all updates included with paid subscriptions?

Yes! All updates are included with paid subscriptions.

I am a school which requires to pay via an invoice?

No problem! Simply contact us with your order specification and we shall get an invoice to you.


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